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With the ability to integrate intelligent systems within today's buildings through a configurable intelligent network solution, Energy Efficient Controls Limited are at the forefront of innovation.

We have successfully undertaken many prestigious projects on behalf of organisations such as the new Crystal Palace Indoor Sports Arena, Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Natural History Museum and Pfizer Pharmaceutical. With our experience of widely varying contract size and complexity we are able to offer our clients the controls they want, not the controls the manufacturers want you to have.

Over 125 years of pooled experience and after care commitment which is second to none. We have achieved a good reputation for reliability with the expertise of qualified system engineers.

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About us

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly - having a complex Building Energy Management System (BEMS) installed in your building does not mean it is energy efficient and or environmentally friendly. The system needs to be managed and maintained by skilled trained engineers to achieve its full potential and realise real savings from your capital investment. 90% of building stock is estimated to not being controlled efficiently thus costing money and damaging the environment.

We will provide a customised agreement perfectly suited to your organisation’s specific requirements. Various standard maintenance agreements are available. All parts and labour plus all year round 24 hour/day call out available with the most comprehensive plan.

For all your control needs

Intelligent controllers and supervisors. Networking to provide comprehensive control for heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and other building services. Information from sensors and other input devices, processed through intelligent controllers and commands issued to output devices. System viewed by supervisor (PC) running building management software - enabling you to change control parameters. Wide range of energy analysis and maintenance functions available. Ability to independently select the most suitable system for your requirements from many varied and technically advanced building controls manufacturers.

Link data between building management, access, CCTV, intruder detection, fire and smoke alarms. Share basic information or to simplify management by reducing supervisory displays. Utilise industry standard networks such as Ethernet and Echelon.